catalognr : 8536-53120-2
year ; 2000 
country : Europe


01   Introduction
02 Only When I Sleep
03 The Right Time
04 Joy Of Life
05 Forgiven Not Forgotten
06 What Can I Do
07 No Frontiers
08 Runaway
09 Haste To The Wedding, Pt. 2
10 Secret Life
11 Love To Love You
12 Queen Of Hollywood
13 Dreams
14 I Never Loved You Anyway
15 Lough Erin Shore
16 Closer
17 So Young
18 Toss The Feathers

Recorded on July 17th, 1999 at the Lansdowne Road stadium in Dublin, Ireland.

Recorded before "Unplugged" but released afterwards, the Lansdowne Road concert is said to be one of the best concerts of the Corrs. Over 40,000 people attended this major event, and it's really a joy to watch! Says Andrea, "It was definitely a dream, a quite ridiculous dream that we had, and our manager had - that someday we'd play Lansdowne Road and we'd sell it out, just ourselves. So it was a great, great moment in our careers that we played Lansdowne Road." Sharon adds, "It was like the primal scream before I got onstage. I was very nervous."

Keep your eyes open for the dancing baby during "So Young", Andrea's line "Has anybody ever tried to speak to 40,000 people before?", Sharon on the piano for "Closer", Caroline's and Sharon's wonderful duet "No Frontiers" and Sharon's famous fight with her dress while playing "Toss The Feathers".