catalognr : 7567 53135-2 
year ; 2002 
country : UK & Europe 


01   Runaway
02 Forgiven Not Forgotten
03 The Right Time
04 Love To Love You
05 Only When I Sleep
06 I Never Loved You Anyway
07 What Can I Do (Tin Tin Out Remix)
08 Dreams
09 So Young
10 Runaway (Tin Tin Out Remix)
11 Radio (Unplugged)
12 Everybody Hurts (Unplugged)
13 Breathless
14 Irresistible
15 Give Me A Reason
16 All The Love In The World
17 Would You Be Happier?
18 One Night

After 2001 saw the release of a "Best Of" album, this year the long anticipated video collection has made it to the stores. Packed with all hits from 1995 till now, it offers an interesting overview over the Corrs' career, from the very beginning with "Runaway" to their latest single, "Would You Be Happier?".

Some interesting production notes can be found in the booklet. For example, "The Right Time" video was intended to present a new, more poppy look, which didn't work out at all; "What Can I Do" was never meant to be a single but was released anyway after huge success in Germany; Sharon wore a men's jumper which was too big for Jim in the vid for "So Young"; and at shooting "One Night", Alejandro Sanz and Andrea never shared the same room (though they are seen dancing together).