catalognr : 8536-53126-2 
year ; 2001
country : Europe 


01   Only When I Sleep
02 Give Me A Reason
03 Irresistible
04 Forgiven Not Forgotten
05 What Can I Do
06 Joy Of Life
07 Hurt Before
08 Somebody For Someone
09 Dreams
10 The Right Time
11 I Never Loved You Anyway
12 Runaway
13 All The Love In The World
14 Old Town
15 All In A Day
16 Queen Of Hollywood
17 Paddy McCarthy
18 Radio
19 No More Cry
20 Breathless
21 At Your Side
22 So Young
23 Toss The Feathers

Recorded on December 21st, 2000 in the Wembley Arena in London (UK).

This concert has been another great achievement of the Corrs, as it was broadcast live on British TV channel Sky One with millions of viewers.

Wembley was part of the "In Blue" tour 2000/2001 which led the Corrs through the whole world. Andrea, already ill (she had a rather severe ear-infection), is sadly not at the height of her vocal abilities, but check out the already famous line "I'll be at your side- So I will" when she messes up the song "At Your Side".

Sadly, the concert has been edited a lot from the original TV version: some middle scenes, Andrea's jokes and "War is over" have been cut out. You can still see Andrea hide behind Sharon during "So Young" thankfully.